For future reference: Snow plows on trash trucks

Dear Editor:
Hoboken needs to do an even better job of addressing snow removal. Specifically, Hoboken needs to use street cleaning as an opportunity to remove snow that is blocking parking. The idea that not plowing parking will reduce car ownership is predicated on a policy of intentionally making citizens miserable. Government should not be in the business of making our lives more difficult or miserable. Government should plow parking lanes as part of regular street cleaning efforts.
Unfortunately, in the event of heavy snow fall or an accumulation of frozen slush, the city cannot clear parking lanes using pickup trucks. The pickup trucks are simply not heavy enough to get the necessary traction to move the snow. Almost every other municipality in the North East choses to plow using dump trucks or sanitation (trash) trucks. Hoboken cannot plow using dump trucks because the trucks were sold to plug holes in the budget. Apportioning blame for this short sighted decision is not productive. Hoboken owns several sanitation trucks. We can plow using sanitation trucks. We should put plows on those trucks and get parking clear of snow.
It will snow again sometime in the future. Eventually we will get another large storm or series of storms. The council should budget the necessary funds to put plows on our trash trucks now so we can be ready for next winter. After the funds are budgeted, the city should devise a plan that has the plows ready well before next winter. With a relative modest investment the city can make our lives better. Let’s get it done!

Paul Lichstein

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