Hoboken residents can tell city where to fill cracks

HOBOKEN — Du Du Du Duuuuuu! Hoboken’s ‘Pothole Killer’ is back. And your bumpy commute may soon get a lot smoother.
With the spring season finally upon us and snowfall largely behind us (fingers crossed), the City of Hoboken will mark the return of the “Pothole Killer” next Monday, March 7.
“It is extremely important to maintain the streets to avoid vehicular damage and collisions and improve pedestrian safety,” Director of Health and Human Services Leo Pellegrini said Friday.
The ever-popular “Pothole Killer,” which filled a whopping 2,084 potholes last year in 12 days during its debut, will bustle through the Hoboken streets for two weeks starting Monday and additional weeks if needed. The specialized spray injection patching machine, which is developed and operated by Pennsylvania-based Patch Management Inc., mixes its own proprietary blend of asphalt and gravel and applies it to potholes via a long nozzle.
Residents can report potholes via www.hoboken311.com or through the Hoboken 311 application for iOS and Android.
“Traditional methods require entire crews of road repair personnel to use shovels and materials that have a shelf life to repair potholes this process requires more time and labor,” said Pellegrini. “By using spray patching, the job is done fast, and lasts for years and is a safer process for the road repair personnel since the repair is completed from inside the spray patcher cab using hand controls.”
The “Pothole Killer” is able to repair an array of roadbed problems beside potholes: utility cuts, alligator cracks, bridge deck repairs, sink holes, damaged concrete and edge erosion.

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