For my sister

Dear Editor:
On February 12, 2016, I lost my beloved sister, Barbara Rotondi at the HUMC’s hospice care. Barbara’s life was extended long after most Breast Cancer patients. I feel this is due in large part to the tender care of Dr. V. Damle and Dr. J. Kozel whom she loved so dearly. These two doctors went above and beyond the duty of most doctors. They attended her with knowledge, but most importantly, with humor and love for twenty-three years. How can we ever thank you for such dedicated care? May you both be blessed in the best of ways for what you did for my sister.
Now on to the nurses. During my sister’s last days, I would be remiss if I did not give a strong commendation to Nancy Bernardo, June Lezynski, and Mary Ellen Donovan. These three were truly angels of mercy. I felt completely enveloped by their sensitive care. During these dark times, a kind word, an offer of food, a hug were so greatly appreciated. Nancy, June, and Mary Ellen are the finest of their profession and I will always be indebted to them. They paid special attention to my brother-in-law, Pat, who sat in a constant vigil by Barbara’s side. Dave, Anna, Jez and I were there for hours each day, but Pat only briefly left Barbara’s side for a few hours in those black seventeen days. The nurses were very touched by his dedication and treated him as a family member.
Please let me not fail to mention both Evette Roncinske and Tino Gelvaso in the Infusion Center. They, for many years, joked with my sister, gave her encouragement, and shared a special friendship with her. Evette and Tino, you provided a homelike environment for her treatment. How thoughtful and beyond what is expected. Thank you.
A special thanks to Chaplain Marjorie for her consoling words, a song even though she was bone tired, and her offering of fruit. Thank you to the grief counselor, Steven, and the hospice nurse, Monica.
To all of you, you provided dedication, humor, light, and love during our most difficult times. May such kindness be shown to you always. I thank you. I hug you.

With love and gratitude,
Margo Singagliese

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