Arais amazing as Dragons roll to victory

After two one goal losses, the (0-2) Dragons had their sights set on righting the ship as they took on the (1-2) Knights in the JCC of Bayonne Indoor Soccer Jr. Division. Leaving little doubt right from the opening whistle, the Dragons ruled the pace as Thomas Arias went on a 10 goal scoring frenzy with Anthony Baez (4 assists), Joyce Gabrael (3 assists), David Matos (1 assist), and Amy Gabrael (2 assists) each pitching in with assists. Adding to the Dragons offensive dominance, the Gabrael sisters joined forces as Joyce assisted Amy on her first goal of the season. With an 11-0 advantage, the Dragons’ defense smothered the Knights ball handlers while Brenden McCall ruled the net for most of the bout. Overwhelmed but undaunted, the Knights kept plugging away with Anthony Fraser, Ryan Divan, and Nazar Kolesnyk flying to the ball in hopes of generating some offense. Their effort finally paid off as Christian Benson battled a pass to Aaliyana Cifuentes who put her squad on the scoreboard. In the end, the Dragons ruled the day as they captured their first victory by an impressive 11-1 margin.

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