Four Chaplains Memorial

Dear Editor:
A well attended group gathers in Hoboken’s Church Square Park on Sunday, February 7th to remember the Four Chaplains who in WWII gave up their 4 life preservers to drowning soldiers going down with the torpedoed troop ship VSAT Dorchester. Sunk by German submarine U-233 in the icy black waters of Greenland and Newfoundland.
The Four Chaplains of all faiths of the church: Rabbi Alex Goode, Chaplin Clark Poling minister of Reformed Church, Geo Fox Methodist minister and Lt. John Washington, Catholic chaplain.
As the Dorchester sunk they could see the Four Chaplains go down with their arms locked in prayer.
Thanks to all who attended this memorial, members of City Hall, both sharp looking color guards of Hoboken police and fire department. Also our loyal Boy Scouts and our usual ending by singing God Bless America under direction of “Hoboken’s” Jim Farina.
After ceremony, another recognition to WWII Vet Orlando Addeo on his 96 Birthday at American Legion Post 107.

Thank you,
Jack O’Brien

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