Would you hire a plumber to repair a roof?

To the Editor:

At different times, certain words are replaced and others become part of the modern-day vernacular. Such serves to emphasize the point presented. Here are a few examples. “Hello to Hey” is meant to obtain immediate attention “Lose to Rip off” is meant to show a serious tone. “Thanks to peace” is meant to show off an element of consolation. With this in mind, I say to the current BOE, “Hey, it is important to get going because it is unfair to rip off the teachers’ role in the learning process in order for the children to continue to achieve and parents to be at peace.” The previous BOE either did not hear these words or refuses to listen. How so? All one has to remember are the four years without a contract to give validity to the above statement. Finally, it is truly ridiculous to believe that there are too many former teachers on the BOE. First of all, would one hire a plumber to repair a roof or a carpenter to fix water pipes, etc? Second, the overwhelming number of faculty are taxpayers to the city of Bayonne too! Please delete negativity, partisanship, old versus new, and focus on fairness to students, parents, community, and teachers.

Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School

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