Sad day for rosary societies

To the Editor:

A sad day has come for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Rosary Society. After lovingly serving the parish for 99 years we were informed on Tuesday, February 2, that our organization had been dissolved.
What happened to all the talk of “merging” the parishes? It was never said it would dissolve all three parish organizations and make new ones, so where did this plan come from?
We Rosarians knew we would no longer be the OLMC Rosary Society; we knew we would have a new name, and since the new officers would be needed, we were hoping for an Executive Board made up of women from all three parishes.
I’m heartbroken to think that after spending 24 years with the women of the Rosary Society, praying and working together to raise money for our scholarship fund and other worthy charities it can just be dissolved. I sincerely hope the monies that were raised and placed in a scholarship fund remain in that fund and continue to annually help a child attending a Catholic high school with a $500 check sent to his or her school.
The men and women, the heart and soul of the parishes, who do all the work and have been there for decades are the ones who continue to suffer in this Archdiocese with this Archbishop and pastor making decisions without any regard for the parishioners.
What should have been a simple merge of the three Rosary Societies has now become a difficult decision-making process for many.

Past President 1998-2011
OLMC Rosary Society

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