Proposed plan for lower Washington Street

Dear Editor:
When I walked Washington Street last week, I counted 18 vacant retail spaces between 1st and 8th Streets. As it is, retailers are suffering because there are not enough out of town shoppers. Most of my suburban friends are terrified to come to Hoboken because of the lack of parking. And yet, the design doesn’t provide for the construction of any new parking structures near lower Washington Street where the bulk of commerce takes place.
How can this redesign be anything but harmful by slowing traffic even more. There will be one north bound and one south bound lane with very little, if any, provision for passing. Yes, the design provides for “drop off” spaces but these are inadequate considering the number of taxis and truck deliveries we have on a daily basis.
Then there is the property tax situation. Mixed use and some commercial properties are assessed on their income. With so many vacant stores, income for property owners on Washington Street will be down thus lowering their tax burden meaning other condo and small building owners will be picking up the slack in the city and county budget.
Finally, is it really necessary to have bike racks in the street to take up yet another parking space when there is a very nice side walk and do we really need two bike lanes.

Claire Di Meola

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