Gizmodo follows New York Times’ lead in reporting Hoboken story from several months ago

HOBOKEN — On Monday, the New York Times reported about controversy over Hoboken’s proposed seawall, taking the lead in reporting news that was big in 2015. The wall is part of a proposed $230 million federal project to prevent flooding. Now Gizmodo has picked up the information in a snarky story that they’ve put under the heading, “NJNimby.”
The story goes, “One of the most vocal critics is Natalie Morales, an anchor for NBC’s Today show, who showed up at a public meeting to harass Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer in person. I assume that these people do not realize that they are fighting a seawall that could almost certainly save their own lives, so let’s focus on the preservation of their homes and their hypothetical four-foot fences. Do they not understand that the seawall will not only preserve the character of a neighborhood, it will preserve the entire neighborhood itself?”
The comments, of course, return the snark. “They’re probably worried about drowning in their own piss and vomit on St. Patty’s day if there’s a wall around the place,” wrote one scholar. (Another belittled him for calling it “St. Patty’s” and not “St. Paddy’s.”)
“This will drag on for years,” said another.
Since you can never have enough information (or wackiness) about what’s really going on in Hoboken, go ahead and click the link and read the story.

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