High tides cause some flooding at Hoboken terminal

HOBOKEN – A high tide Monday morning, Feb. 8 caused water to surface onto the train tracks at the Hoboken’s Terminal.

“What’s up with the crazy high tide at Hoboken Terminal this am? What caused it?” wrote a New York man on Twitter yearning a response from the city.

NJ Transit did not post any delays on their website and the city did not respond directly. But an NJ Transit worker at the scene, who did not say his name, said the high tide causes water to seep up through the rocks onto the track.

“It happens, and they’ll move some trains if they need to but service has not been disrupted,” he added, noting that they do not expect water to reach the platform.

Light flurries are forecasted this afternoon and continue until the evening, with possibly more tomorrow.

As many as three inches of snow are expected and winds in the area of 30 miles per hour with temperatures in the high 20’s. The National Weather Service has issued an alert online of possible weather hazards in Hudson County including a coastal flood advisory.

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