Scary situation

Dear Editor:
Just after the New Year, one of our family members needed to be rushed to the hospital. We decided to go to a nearby hospital that has the reputation of being one of the best in the state. When we arrived at the Emergency Room, we realized the facility was crowded and patients were being rushed through. Unfortunately, that was the case for our loved one as well. Without performing all the necessary tests, she was diagnosed with dehydration and released the same day.
Over the next two days, we noticed she was getting progressively weaker and weaker. In desperation, we decided to call our neighbor, Dr. Abbie Jacobs, who was on vacation and told her the symptoms our family member was experiencing. Dr. Jacobs immediately asked us to take her to the Emergency room at Hoboken University Medical Center. From the first moment we went into the Emergency room, we were highly impressed with patient care and treatment. After running through many tests, our loved one was diagnosed with pneumonia, so severe that her kidneys were not functioning properly.
The care from the nurses, doctors and staff in the Intensive Care Unit was beyond exceptional. After 5 days in the ICU, two more days in general admission and nine days in the transition unit, we are happy to report, our Nonna is healthy and regaining her strength back day by day. We are so thankful to Dr. Jacobs and her team for the wonderful care our loved one received. With the kindness, prompt attention and professionalism of the nurses to the helpfulness of the staff, Hoboken University Medical Center was a great experience all around.
We are grateful to have such a great healthcare facility in our community.

The Biancamano Family

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