From wheels to rentals

New residential structure could rise on Avenue B and 44th Street in less than two years

The site of an unused auto mechanic shop at the northeast corner of 44th Street and Avenue B may soon blossom into a 24-unit boutique luxury apartment complex.
George Georgiadis of Soli Development Inc. of New York and Jersey City said he plans to build a four-story, 24-unit residential building with parking at the site. It will encompass four city lots; 138-140 Ave. B and 101-103 West 44th St.
The $4 million price tag includes the property acquisition and development.
“It will be something that’s small and cute and not monstrous on the inside,” Georgiadis said.
“Attention has been given to the surrounding neighborhood, to make sure you create something that fits and belongs there,” Georgiadis said, “so that it’s not something that just looks like a developer came in there and just wants rent.”
No retail component is planned.
The development may be a brick and stucco combination, close to what already exists in the neighborhood, according to Georgiadis. He likened his project to building his own house.
“We want something that feels like home, not like an apartment in Jersey City,” he said. “We analyzed the neighborhood and are trying to create something special.”

What’s the rent?

Plans call for 12 one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom apartments to be rented at market prices. The one-bedroom units would go for about $1,600 to $1,700 a month. The company is still researching what the two-bedroom units would cost, but right now they are estimated at about $2,000.
The two bedrooms will be “more spacious than just a big flat one-story apartment.”
There are no communal amenities like a pool, rooftop garden, or meeting rooms.
“Were concentrating on giving our tenants the space,” Georgiadis said. “Amenities would be within the apartments: smart locks, security within the apartment, a virtual doorman.”
When someone rings a doorbell, residents will be able to look at their cell phones, see who’s there, and buzz them inside from their phones.
“We want to give a touch of technology, so we can keep up with the advances and provide the comfort of a real house,” Georgiadis said.
Parking is a priority, for the tenants and for the neighborhood, he said. Parking will be on the first floor. Entry and exit will be from open ground-floor sides.
Planning for parking is still in the early stages, but up to 1.5 spaces per unit are being considered. There will be at least 24 spaces, and possibly as many as 30.
Entry and exit for tenants would likely be on Avenue B, but that may change. Parking ingress and egress is being planned for 44th Street.
“We want to keep the tenants happy and keep the neighborhood happy,” Georgiadis said. “That’s what’s going to make the project successful. We don’t try to push the limit. We don’t want to be greedy.
“This project is more in line with what Bayonne is used to,” said Michael Miceli, Georgiadis’s attorney.


“Attention has been given to the surrounding neighborhood, to make sure you create something that fits and belongs there.” – George Georgiadis

Next steps

The Avenue B and 44th Street plan was adopted by the Planning Board and introduced to the City Council at its Jan. 20 meeting, according to City Planner Sue Mack. The council will vote on it again in February, Georgiadis said, at which point the project’s plan could be approved.
A site-plan application would be filed within about a month of that. Then there would be a Planning Board hearing, where a finalized plan would be presented to the public.
“We’d like to be able to hit the ground this summer,” Georgiadis said. “But it’s not up to us, it’s up the town.”
The construction is estimated to take about 18 to 24 months.

Other projects

Georgiadis is also working on a 48-unit complex at 79-87 Kennedy Boulevard, near Juliette Street.
A Georgiadis project in Weehawken demonstrates his goal to have his apartments fit in with the neighborhood, just as with the Avenue B and 44th Street project.
The two-story warehouse in Weehawken will be converted into an 18-unit, five-story residence with retail on the first floor.
“We met with the immediate neighbors; we talked with them,” Georgiadis said. “That’s how we feel it out. We talk to them about what they think, what they want. They’ve welcomed it.”

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