A letter to the mayor

Dear Editor:
Below is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Mayor Zimmer about an ongoing situation.
Dear Mayor Zimmer,
My husband and I have resided on Park Avenue for over 25 years and thus, have dealt with the following problem many times.
When it snows, property owners are reminded that they have 6 hours after the storm ends, (a.) to clear their sidewalks and, (b.) that if the removed snow is placed in the street, fines will be leveled.
We have done our best to comply, but what usually happens is, as shortly afterward, a car owner arrives and removes the snow on the vehicle by shoveling it onto our cleared, sidewalk.
I have also witnessed a car owner on the opposite side of the street removing the snow by tossing it across to our side, and letting it pile up on the street. From this and above, it would seem that car owners are exempt from any regulations.
Surely, there must be a better way to handle this situation.


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