Mayor, police chief will release press release today (Friday) on Matthew Genovese’s death

HOBOKEN – Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante will release a press release today regarding the death of 24-year-old Matthew Genovese.
Genovese’s body was recovered from the Hudson River on Tuesday, Jan. 26 around 1 p.m. by the New York Harbor patrol after having disappeared on Saturday following a night out with friends. Genovese’s keys and wallet were found by police in a snow pile near the pier Monday. His credit cards and cash were still in the wallet.
His family reported him missing on Monday, Jan. 25 when he did not show up to his job on Wall Street in New York City.
On Saturday, according to friends, he left the bar they were at to walk home, a walk of a few blocks to the northwest. Instead, he apparently ventured east, four blocks to the river.
Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante announced at a press conference on Tuesday, that Genovese was found dead just off Pier A near Hoboken wearing the same clothes as when he was last seen: a gray Fordham t-shirt with maroon text beneath a red/orange/grey flannel shirt and tan khaki pants with tan Timberland boots.
Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office told The Hoboken Reporter on Wednesday that the investigation, including the toxicology, could take “several weeks to months” to process. Zimmer, who met with the Genovese family on Tuesday when they were informed of Matthew death, declined to comment on Thursday, saying she needed to consult with Ferrante first.
Ferrante was asked whether Genovese was distraught that night or had a history of depression. He declined to respond, but said Friday that a statement would be released on Friday in response to reporters’ questions.
Although the results are still pending, Ferrante said there were no visible signs of foul play on his body.
Comparisons have been drawn between Genovese and Andrew Jarzyk. Two years ago, in March of 2014, the 27-year-old Hoboken resident disappeared after drinking with friends at a Hoboken bar/restaurant on a stormy Saturday night. He went for a jog near the waterfront in the wee hours and was not heard from since. A month later, his body was found floating in the river near the Hoboken train terminal.
But Ferrante has said there was no connection between the cases.
Genovese was a relative of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reality TV stars Caroline, Albie, and Chris Manzo, who live in Hoboken. He was related to Caroline’s son-in-law, Vito.
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