Hoboken schools will open on Feb. 3 instead of being closed; superintendent responds to complaints

HOBOKEN — The Hoboken school district had planned an in-service teacher conference day for Wednesday, Feb. 3, without classes. But a letter sent out on Wednesday, Jan. 27 said that due to the fact that two days were canceled for the blizzard this week, classes will indeed be held on that day.
In the letter, Superintendent Christine Johnson explained why schools were closed for two days for the blizzard, stating that she had gotten complaints that because Hoboken is a “walking district,” schools should not have been closed. She said that she spent hours observing conditions prior to Monday, and walking was hazardous with high snow banks and other challenges. She also discussed the crowded parking garages, and “snowball effect” of neighboring districts closing.
The letter can be read on the district website using our link.

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