Snow daze

Weekend blizzard blankets the city

This time the storm was just as predicted, with 20 or more inches of snow falling in the metropolitan area from Friday, Jan. 22 through Sunday, Jan. 24, including Bayonne, where residents woke up to snow-covered cars, narrower streets, and kids just wanting to have fun.
Early on Sunday morning, the sounds of shovels hitting sidewalks, snow blowers revving up, and kids playing in the huge drifts could be heard around the city.
Hundreds of kids sledded in Stephen R. Gregg Park, from sunup to sundown.
Throughout the weekend, employees of several city departments tended to residents’ needs, including Public Works, and the Police and Fire departments.
The storm gave Bayonne School District students an unexpected day off this year, on Monday, Jan. 25.
Snow removal operations began early Sunday morning, with crosswalk and corner cleaning.
Mayor James Davis released a statement explaining temporary changes, including that street sweeping was suspended until further notice.
Municipal parking lot meters will remain suspended until Monday, Feb. 1. Residents were encouraged to use these off-street parking spots as snow clearing and removal continued this week.

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