Bus schedule needed

Dear Editor:
Does anyone know the time schedule for the Weehawken shuttle bus? Does if ever have passengers beside the high schoolers who jump on at Liberty Blvd East? If seems a mystery and one that isn’t a concern. I commute daily and would like to take advantage of this amenity however, haven’t been fortunate. The bus has been parked without the driver- must have been on break for frequently pulls away while commuters are exiting the ferry terminal. No waiting for passengers. It’s frustrating to see it riding the designated route beginning at Troy Towers to Ferry Terminal along the Blvd without a synchronized schedule peak times and non peak time. Light Rail riders are ignores as well. The bus drives through that terminal without stopping for commuters. I’ve tried different hours of the day and am still a baffled resident.
The concept is good but needs improvement such as a listed/posted timed schedule for all especially tax payers to benefit. Never mind any provisions for the incapacitated or physically challenged people who can not manage the stairs but can use the elevators inside the cat walks between terminals. Hopefully a resolution will be implemented soon as I can’t be the only one feeling left out.

Longtimer from Weehawken


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