Improving the quality of life in every neighborhood

Dear Editor:
For the past 22 years, I have had the privilege of living in a city that I love. Sadly, there have always been two parts. There is no surprise Downtown Jersey City has been thriving by attracting new businesses, developers, job opportunities, and residents. However, I have noticed the South side of our city is still suffering. Recently, there has been many random acts of gun violence in our city and they have taken place in Wards A & F. It is important to realize the current administration has increased foot patrols, added more police to the force, invested a lot in recreation, and have provided much opportunities for our community. While no administration is perfect, there is still much more to do.
As a Sociology major at Seton Hall University, I am learning a lot about social problems and solutions which would benefit my community. By working together, we can improve the quality of life in every neighborhood. I applaud Mayor Fulop and his administration for striving to make this happen.

Demetrius M. Terry
Ward A Greenville

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