Alleged smooth criminal nabbed at Hoboken Shoprite

HOBOKEN – A 29 year-old man allegedly attempting to make for the door with skin cream was caught at the Hoboken Shoprite on Tuesday, Jan. 5, a press release from the Hoboken Police Department said.
The Loss Prevention Office at the ShopRite said they observed Mark Magnotta of Hoboken, via surveillance video around 9 p.m., allegedly “open the packet [of cream] and hide it inside his jacket,” the press release said.
Magnotta paid for the other items but was confronted at the door of the supermarket for the allegedly unpaid item. “Inside the office, while waiting for police to respond, the defendant [allegedly] began to shove the Loss Prevention Office in an attempt to leave,” the press release says.
Hoboken Police Officer Ramon Estrella was dispatched to the scene, where Magnotta was arrested and charged with shoplifting and harassment. He was given summonses.
Police estimate the cost of the item at $18.99.

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