Fight those parking tickets!

To the Editor:

This town is filled with overly zealous and incompetent ticket writers. Within the past two months, I have received two citations, one for parking next to the construction fence at 43rd and Broadway, which was in the process of being installed and completed the day I was parked there, during a rain storm. Some vandal had already punched the sign in upon its installation, as well, so it was indecipherable. The agent stuck the ticket on my mirror instead of windshield because he/she probably didn’t want to get wet! The second ticket was written on the Boulevard, as well, on the park side below 42nd Street. A nice sign listed ‘NO PARKING TUES.-FRIDAY, etc. I chose to park there on a Saturday, December, 12. But alas, it was dark and the parking sign for a bus stop was pointing west toward Gregg Park . Plus, in the darkness, 30 feet ahead of this weird sign, I neglected to scan for the fading yellow line in the darkness, which, with my sight, would have been impossible. Get your parking signs repaired and repaint your yellow curbs, Bayonne, and I urge any motorist who is receiving such extortionist incompetence to cost this city money and to fight their tickets instead of just giving in and paying them.


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