Rebuild by Design options

Dear Editor:
Why is Mayor Zimmer trying to divide Hoboken residents and turning groups of citizens against each other? Various groups may be harmed by the options presented “Rebuild by Design.” When people in these groups point out problems or object, they are told they are “not thinking of the good” of the City of Hoboken. Why did Mayor Zimmer wait to unveil the details of the options until December 10, 2015? Why not before the City Council elections in November? Why are the options first revealed on December 10th so different from the materials provided to the public during the initial phases of obtaining the grant and forming the Citizens Advisory Groups? Why didn’t the State of New Jersey and the City of Hoboken retain multiple engineering consultants to design competing options – thus giving our leaders and our citizens multiple views and true choices? Was Stevens Institute consulted? Why was the engineering firm of Dewberry, from Fairfax, VA, the only one retained? Why are the City of Hoboken and the State of New Jersey forcing affected residents to inform themselves and give input on very complex proposals with an end of December deadline? Why not a later deadline to allow a thorough consideration?
Will $230 million in grant money cover even the least expensive set of plans for Hoboken’s water and sewage plus flood resistance? Will the City have to finance cost overruns with new taxes and/or bond issuance? Can the Mayor and City Council members each explain to voters the concept of 100 year flood plains with “Max DFE of approximately 500 years 2075 NOAA SLR?” Do they know whether and how these parameters could be altered so as to allow for other options? Were public safety officials consulted about the impact on residents of street barriers that limit access to fire trucks, ambulances, sanitation trucks and snow removal?

Waiting for answers,
Deborah Meyer

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