Letter to the Editor:

Why do the local politicians use the media rather than speaking directly to the BOE about the $2.9 million or to the teachers about the lack of a contract?
Why do administrators tend to emphasize materialistic improvements (lights, floors, chromebooks, etc) and seem to never mention the expertise of the faculty?
Why do parents decide not to take an active role in their child’s education, which is the key to pursue success, by being silent on major issues?
Why does the community seem to be indifferent to educational issues involving students and teachers and yet voice concern about the future of Bayonne?
Why does it appear that the BOE is following the same scenario related to negotiations that prevented a contract settlement for five years?
In regard to the personal welfare of children, parents, citizens, teachers, etc., the question should never be why, but rather when? (to satisfy important needs).

Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School

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