Cifuentes, Cohen rule as Colts soar

Sitting at (8-3) the Bears had one more regular season mountain to conquer as they faced the (7-4) Colts. Hoping to force a first place tie in the JCC of Bayonne Indoor Flag Football’s Jr. Division the Colts came out fired up. After trading TD’s with the Colts’ Aaliyana Cifuentes and the Bears’ Dylan Subacz racking up TD’s while Subacz’s two point catch gave the Bears an early 8-6 advantage the tide quickly turned. Scoring by ground and air the Colts bombarded the Bears’ defense as David Matos (2 TD’s), Aaliyana Cifuentes (3 TD’s, 4 expts) and Chase Cohen (1 TD, 4 expts) lit up the scoreboard making it 50-8, Colts. Stunned by the Colts attack, the Bears tried to rally as Subacz hauled in a goal to goal TD strike and a two point dart to put a dent the Colts’ lead at 50-16. The Bears did hold the fort for a while as Anthony Fraser, Adonis White and Dylan Subacz dug in to slow the Colts down but the fireworks soon resumed as Chase Cohen (2 Td’s, 2 expts), David Matos (1 TD) and a Colts safety ruled the second half for a 72- 16 Colts win.

Additionally, the following players were recognized as exceptional players for the Jr. Division, Week 9:
Offensive Player of the Week: Dylan Subacz – Bears
Defensive Player of the Week: Aaliyana Cifuentes – Colts
Teamwork/Leadership Player of the Week: David Matos – Colts

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