City spokesperson to leave

Saying he has been approached with an offer he could not pass up, city spokesperson Ryan Jacobs, 28, will leave Jersey City government after only five months. Jacobs said he has an opportunity to author a political analysis book at a key time before the presidential elections next year, and could not pass up the opportunity.
Jacobs will co-author a book about Republican and Democratic policies ahead of the 2016 presidential election.
“I didn’t plan this,” Jacobs said. “This just came up. I’ve always wanted to be a published author.”
He said he was approached by a prominent Democrat and that the book will have “a policy tilt.”
Because the time frame is so short with the upcoming presidential primaries, Jacobs said he could not do this on the side.
“I have to do this full time,” he said.
While he will remain living in Jersey City, he will no longer be involved with the Fulop administration.
“But I learned more in five months than in any other job in my career,” Jacobs said. “The mayor is the real deal, and I’ve worked on high levels.”
Jacobs came to Jersey City after serving a speech writer for the U.S. transportation secretary under President Barak Obama. Fulop is considered to be a gubernatorial candidate in the next election, and was seen by some as having transferred here to help with the campaign when the time came.

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