Trump’s world and welcome to it

Dear Al,
The “attacks” your piece referenced were not “random”. They were well-planned, ideological and lethal. More are clearly in store. If the attacks reflect that “The fabric of American culture is changing” and “giving way to new and different religious beliefs”, the possibility that these changes might not necessarily be for the better deserves frank discussion and analysis.
When you write “the immigration list also goes through several layers of additional vetting by Homeland Security and other federal agencies”, do you seriously mean that we should trust the same incompetents that: (a) traded five Taliban chiefs for a deserter (Bowe Bergdahl) (b) couldn’t secure the release of five American hostages when “negotiating” the exchange of $150 billion in sanctions relief for Iran’s solemn promise (with crossed ballistic missiles undergoing testing) not to build nukes and (c) failed to install Norton Security on government personnel databases to keep out Chinese hackers to weed out the bad apples from several hundred thousand refugees? I hear there’s a bargain on a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Daniel Cillie

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