Celebrating Christmas

Jersey City residents decorate for the holiday in style

Many of the longstanding Christmas decorations of Jersey City’s past are long gone. Some, such as a display at the corner of Terrace Avenue and Bleeker, will soon vanish as redevelopment makes inroads on some more traditional neighborhoods.
But many new displays are appearing each year, especially as the local economy improves.
Jersey City comes into this holiday season with good news about shrinking unemployment. Massive new development has helped create more jobs in construction and, down the road, additional business and other jobs. So many residents may again be feeling the Christmas spirit so prevalent in the past.
Even City Hall, which last year abandoned the traditional Christmas tree for some version of modern art, has once more put up a tree, joining the Christmas manger and Menorah along its Grove Street front. Blue lights still glow from the historic building, however, redolent of the old Elvis Presley hit song “Blue Christmas.”
As in past year, local cable television personality Pat O’Melia is expected to make his yearly rounds to determine which displays are the most ostentatious. He often declares a winner for Jersey City. O’Meila won’t be dressed as Santa Claus, however, even though he sometimes looks the part.
People seeking to get their fill of Christmas tree light viewing will find numerous displays throughout the city, even near Paterson Plank Road and Congress Street, or in the numerous blocks just sound of Washington Park.
The block on Jefferson Avenue near the old pump house for the Heights reservoir has several great displays this year. So does Charles Street.
These photos show some of the spirited displays.

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