EDITOR 07030 Sight Lines

We have a lot of visuals in this issue, and maybe that’s appropriate for a season that flaunts its flamboyant colors. Norm Kirby uses strips of canvas to make art on chain-link fences. Caren Lissner collects wacky handmade signs, which could be considered found art. We have a photo essay on city critters and invite you to email pictures of wildlife you’ve seen around town to 07030@hudsonreporter.com and put “city critters” in the subject line. We also encourage you to send images for our “Point and Shoot” page.
And of course our cover guy is artist Issa Sow whose gallery on Observer Highway is a work of art in and of itself. Not to mention an event space for art shows and entertainment.
Everyone knows our mayor loves everything that has to do with sports, fitness, and the outdoors. Writer Carlo Davis took a jog with Mayor Zimmer along the waterfront. Check out Terri Saulino Bish’s pictures of the mayor caught in the act of being herself.
Speaking of sports, take a walk down memory lane with sports writer Jim Hague as he profiles former NBA star and Hoboken native Derrick Alston. He also has a chat with Hoboken’s Eusebio brothers, pro baseball players who are helping us all to be better batters.
If indoor sports are your thing, check out Hoboken’s pool scene. No, not the blue chlorine kind but the corner-bar kind. The husband-and-wife team of Tara and Max Ryazansky got the scoop and shot the pictures of some real Hoboken hustlers.
As we move into winter, we can be grateful for the HOPES organization, which is doing everything it can to fight poverty. Check out our interview with President and CEO Ora Welch.
There’s much more in this issue. How about making yourself a bloody Mary with a homemade mixture by Hoboken residents Ryan Grace and Christine Dodd and relaxing with a copy of 07030?


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