City residents protest new animal control pact

BAYONNE – Dozens of city residents packed the Bayonne City Council chambers on Wednesday, Dec. 16 to protest the city’s hiring of New Jersey Animal Control and Rescue of Lodi for a one-year period which began on Dec. 1.
Many of those opposed to New Jersey Animal Control had gathered earlier in the evening in front of City Hall to voice their dissatisfaction with the new choice over the Liberty Humane Society, which has had the city’s animal control contract since April 2014. Liberty’s pact runs until April, Executive Director Irene Borngraeber said.
The city had switched providers at its Nov. 10 council meeting after publishing a request for proposals for a new company whose services would include dealing with nuisance wildlife in Bayonne. New Jersey Animal Control was the lone responder to the city RFP, but Liberty Humane said it did not know about the request.
Borngraeber said her company does not provide the wildlife service because it follows state best practices of not removing wildlife, unless it is injured, sick, or dangerous.
In the public comment portion of the meeting, several city residents and animal control advocates and professionals questioned whether New Jersey Animal Control was the best choice for the service since its administrative offices and the shelter it uses to house animals are both in Bergen County.
Liberty Humane’s facility is in Jersey City.

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