Which is it?

To the Editor:

We have heard about “speaking out of both sides of the mouth.” It is meant that it is difficult to discern the truth, which must be transparent. Let me provide some special examples.
The “new” administration gloriously “proclaimed” their taking control of the Ice Rink located within Bayonne H.S. Well, wooden panels have replaced plexiglass, which is dangerous and an eyesore to visitors. Plus, no bleachers exist in the gym; replaced by folding chairs. This is ridiculous.
Everyone is aware that during the last mayoralty campaign the teachers had a major influence on the outcome due to the promise of a contract after five years. Well, it was “proclaimed” the current negotiations would lead to a contract before Christmas and would result in fairness to all concerned.
I will end with an analogy to global warming and President Obama. He said some 30 years from now most political figures and industrial leaders will be retired/deceased, but the children still have to prosper. All of the above know education is the key and the energizer/integral part is not an artifact (bulbs, tiles, chromes) but a teacher.
It is vital to leave finger-pointing, partisanship, personal feelings, etc aside. Finally, again, we have heard “if you can read this, then thank your teacher.”

Guidance Counselor

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