Giron, Arano Heroes as Bengals Win

Playing like two squads primed for the playoffs the Chargers and the Bengals took to the court each holding a (2-6) record as they entered week 7 of the JCC of Bayonne’s Indoor flag football Sr. Division action. With the Bengals’ Kyle Arano and the Chargers’ Chris Ballance each firing darts, the game got out to a 12- 12 tie as Ryan Ballance rang up two long TD grabs for the Chargers while the Bengals answered with two TD gallops by Andres Giron. Keeping pace with each other, the Chargers and Bengals traded scores again as Giron sprinted 20 yards for a TD before tacking on a two point catch for the Bengals while the Chargers’ Harsh Easwar reeled in a TD snare followed by Ryan Ballance’s diving two point play. Locked in a 20-20 duel, the Bengals began to pull away as TD’s by Kasper Hooks and Andres Giron with Giron also adding a two point catch put the Bengals up 34- 20 with just 4 minutes remaining. Returning to their “hot hand”, the Chargers’ Chris Ballance zipped two quick TD tosses to Ryan Ballance to make it 34- 32, Bengals. With a chance to tie the bout and force overtime, the Chargers’ hopes were dashed by Kyle Arano’s endzone “pick” to end the duel at 34- 32, Bengals. A special mention must be given to the Chargers’ Mike Piscopi and the Bengals’ Ian Giron for their outstanding efforts in the second half.

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