Are you allowed to disagree with Mayor Zimmer?

Dear Editor:
Wow, a new administration is coming in and the council makeup will be 7 to 2. This should be extremely interesting, to say the least. So, 7 of the 2, please know that you are allowed to disagree with Mayor Zimmer. She cannot fire you. I am well aware that she has fired multiple people that did not agree with her, but you cannot be one of them, plus, due to successful litigation, it should be discouraged.
And do not be afraid of not being in the “in crowd”…I have a feeling that the “out crowd”, will be huge…perhaps even getting kicked out of the building. Vote for Hoboken!!!
Councilperson Castellano, I want to thank you for your years and years of work. Thank you for slowing down some complicated process that needed to be adjusted and understood. I read somewhere that the hospital contract was so complicated people were still reading it. Just thank you so much. Hoboken is a really nice place and a good deal of the blame for that is you. Oh, and please thank all the previous members who fought for open government. Mary Beth was always up front. Remember that there is a gag order on civil employees, so they cannot have an opinion. I have to go, although I do have so many to say thank you to. I will look forward to the seven…hopefully one or two, being adults who do not play follow the leader….

Bonnie Toadvyn

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