Sick for Christmas?

To the Editor:

How wonderful is the feeling Christmas morning, watching your children and or loved little ones opening Christmas presents from Santa? Imagine the families that can’t do that, because they have an illness of some sort and have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Although we would all like to think or wish Christmas still goes on, unfortunately not all families can do that with medical expenses a priority. So, as my family and I have and for the past four years and the past year along with The Gary LaPelusa Association, and the LaPelusa family, and our very own Captain Bayonne, let’s make Christmas happen. This year we are donating to the Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Hospital, where my daughter had surgery and a pleasant stay considering the situation. Last year we collected more than 300 gifts. We cover children from 1 day old to 21. Gifts range from crib mobiles and rattles to gift cards, gift certificates, and DVDs. All gifts must be new and unwrapped. And due to allergies, no stuffed animals. No donation is too small. And you will make a child’s day knowing Santa has found them and given them Christmas no matter where they are. Thank you in advance for making this year and every year a success. Please feel free to contact me at anytime at (201) 275-5309 to set up delivery or pickup.

Merry Christmas!

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