I don’t care if Nick Miceli is disappointed in me

To the Editor:

This is in response to Nick Miceli’s letter in last week’s paper. Quite frankly, I could care less if he is disappointed in me. I am disappointed in him, the political system of this area, and the general role of truth and justice in Hudson County.
I don’t pretend everything changes once a vote is taken. I still am who I am, same for Nick [Chiavalloti] and Angela. I also issued a statement, which Nick Miceli must have missed, wishing them success and offering my help, not because I wanted to be gracious, but because we need good representation, even if that means wishing the bad guys well.
Nick Miceli’s small-minded way of thinking is part of what is wrong with Bayonne and Jersey City. I focus on much bigger problems than antiquated etiquette: our disintegrating budget system, rising crime, rampant corruption, pollution, a deplorable school system, and a general political climate of dishonesty and greed. Forgive me for not caring about Nick Meceli’s delicate ears and whether he cares to see me utter false praise for people who do not deserve to serve in the Assembly.
I took some swings, as candidates for public office are expected to do. But my “attacks” were always rooted in fact. When the other side started hitting back, calling me a “New York 1 Percenter,” they looked laughable. So, they resorted to false, racist, and slanderous attacks on me that were not supported by one iota of truth. And in typical cowardly fashion of the Hudson County political class, they played dumb as to who did this, and even suggested that I would slander my own name the day before an election. Talk about “gracious!”
So Nick Miceli may be disappointed in me, but all I can say is I am depressed and scared for the future of this region. I will not “graciously” concede to evil, ever.


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