Five BOE winners chosen

Wilbeck, Munoz, Finnerty, Piechocki & Broderick victorious

Bayonne’s first school board election in more than 35 years, capped by a frenzy of campaigning in the final few days, resulted in the election of four new members and an incumbent.
In the one-year unexpired term race, former Bayonne High School administrator Denis Wilbeck was the winner, garnering a strong 1,998 votes or 42 percent of the vote, in unofficial tallies. He faced off against four opponents.
In the two-year unexpired term race, Christopher Munoz had 1,063 ballots cast for him, for 23 percent of the total. Munoz, a Hoboken educator, had five opponents.
In the race for the three three-year regular terms, Joseph Broderick, incumbent board member Christopher Piechocki, and Ava Finnerty, received vote counts and percentages of 2,585/20, 1,950/15, and 2,137/17, respectively. Broderick worked for the Bayonne Board of Education, Piechocki is a real estate agent, and Finnerty is a retired teacher. Five others challenged for the three-year seats.
In the race for the General Assembly for the 31st District, with 154 of 161 districts in, Nicholas Chiaravalloti and Angela McKnight were the winners with totals of 8,512/33 percent and 8,875/35, respectively. Their Republican opponents Matthew Kopko and Herminio Mendoza received votes and percentages of 3,670/14 and 2,448/9, respectively. Independents Anthony Zanowic and Alejandro Rodriguez received 908/3.6 and 885/3.5, respectively.
In the race for County Executive, incumbent Thomas DeGise garnered 30,318 votes and 82 percent, while opponent Ivan Sutherland had 6,656 and 18 percent.

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