Focusing a win-win solution for everyone

Dear Editor:
I want to personally thank the Quality of Life Coalition and the Hudson Reporter for hosting the City Council Candidate debates. These debates are a great way for residents to get to know the candidates better that are running in this upcoming November 3rd election.
After participating in both debates, I recognize that all three 2nd Ward candidates share many common concerns around our communities issues. What was evident at the debates was the entrenched position of both the reformers and the old guard and while my opponents and I share the common issues facing our 2nd Ward, my opponents are tied to the “sides” that prevent our city from moving forward. As an Independent candidate I am focused on not only the issues, but delivering win-win solutions for everyone regardless of which “side” the idea came from.
I thank everyone for their support thus far on my campaign. Remember to vote 1-C on 11/3!

Bonnie Murray
2nd Ward City Council Candidate

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