St. Mary’s Pee Wee Basketball Week 3 Results

In the girls division, the Hoyas defeated the Rams, 28-9. Jessica Van Sant scored 12 for the Hoyas, with Caitlin Gaetani scoring 8, Ava Farulla scoring 6, and Maggie McCabe scoring 2. Jenna Smith scored 6 for the Rams and Leanna Pelliccia scoring 3.
The Blue Devils won against the Pirates 15-4. Annie O’Neill scored 8 for the Blue Devils, while Samantha Russell scored 4, Kelly Hester scored 2 and Sheila O’Neill scored 1. Kylie Hall scored 4 for the Pirates
In the boys division, the Pirates defeated the Hoyas, 13-12. Patrick Sagna scored 5 for the Pirates, while Anthony Novello scored 4, Rafael Egamino scored 2 and Justin Perry scored 2. Brennan Trowbridge scored 6 for the Hoyas, with Roman Popowski III scoring 2, Eric Tonne scoring 2 and Richard Pescatore scoring 2.
The Blue Devils won against the Hornets, 33-22. Nolan Geisler scored 22 for the Blue Devils, with Ian Geisler scoring 4, Erik Porch scoring 4, Savun Raparelli scoring 2 and Anthony Delaney scoring 1. Dylan Kielb scored 16 for the Hornest, while Casey Leto scored 4 and Nicholas Gonzalez scored 2.
The Lakers defeated the Knicks, 33-15. Louis Pelliccia scored 14 for the Lakers with John Burke scoring 14, Christian Syskowski scoring 3 and Jake Piechocki scoring 2. Kieran O’Connor scored 10 while Brayden O’Connor scored 3 and Ross Richie scored 2.

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