Maria Karczewski has selective memory

To the Editor:

As a council member, Maria Karczewski voted with Joe Doria every time to raise taxes. As a lifelong Republican, I don’t find that familiar to our party values. Maria Karczewski has run numerous times for office since her time on the council and has failed every time. Why would anyone take advice from her? It is obvious she is a politically-connected personality who is bolstering another insider, Nick Chiaravalloti. I can see why Maria likes Nick so much. Nick and Maria were on the same team as they mismanaged the MOT, raised taxes and drove this city into the ground. So, I hope my fellow Republicans don’t vote for the Democrats again. I hope they vote no to tax increases and mismanagement, because that is all we have gotten from the likes of Chiaravalloti and Karczewski.


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