Vote Occhipinti and keep the 4th Ward moving forward

Dear Editor:
In my last letter, I talked about my original campaign goal to greatly improve the 4th Ward’s quality of life. We worked together to make our ward a place where we are proud to raise a family, work or run a business.
I highlighted our quality of life achievements in the ward. Including vast improvements in open space, upgraded parks and rejuvenated facilities, and improved street scape and road conditions. We added new police officers and firefighters while holding the line on our municipal tax levy.
Now it’s time to turn our focus on the future and lay the groundwork for the next four years. First and foremost, we’ll need to adopt a redevelopment plan for southwest Hoboken creating a mixed-use plan incorporating new retail, commercial and residential use. Through this redevelopment process I’ll be advocating for the expansion of the new Southwest Park. The anchor leg of the park is approximately an acre and construction will begin this fall. The goal for the Southwest Park as described in the city’s master plan is several continuous acres. We’ll need to work together as a community in developing this plan so that it remains in scale with our beloved neighborhood while expanding the park.
We’ll be continuing to improve the ward’s quality of life through other projects and initiatives. For several years I’ve been advocating the administration and Mayor Zimmer for new open space on the vacant lots at 1st and Jackson Streets. The city has negotiated with the property owner to demolish the vacant structure where a fire occurred and create a twenty-year open space easement agreement for the lots across the street. The agreement is on the agenda for first reading as an ordinance this week.
We have added additional recreational services by bringing Movies Under the Stars to Mama Johnson Field. We already have the administration’s support to expand this program next summer.
We are finally seeing movement on one of our biggest challenges – the delayed traffic signal on Paterson Ave at the Light Rail crossing. At times, the traffic signal remains red for up to eight minutes. After years of advocating to NJ Transit officials on the need for improvement at this intersection, Transit has completed an analysis. Transit has identified areas that can be improved upon and is currently coordinating with NJ Department of Transportation. Once the changes are approved by DOT, they will move forward with implementation. This will further help reduce traffic congestion during the rush hours.
Additionally, I’ll be continuing to push for more of our roads to be repaved especially First Street which is a county road. Your quality of life will always be in the forefront of my mind, from fixing potholes to street lights, I am here to serve you.
It has been an honor and a privilege to represent you in the 4th Ward. I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3 so that I may continue moving the 4th Ward Forward.

Tim Occhipinti

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