Bhalla endorses

Dear Editor:
As City Council president, I am privileged to play a small role in much of the progress Hoboken has seen over the last six years. Getting our municipal financial house in order allowed us to focus on longer term goals such as saving the hospital from closure, shepherding an internationally recognized plan to solve the chronic problem of flooding once and for all, and opening new parks throughout the city with more on the way.
On Nov. 3, there is an important election and Hoboken residents have a stark choice: continue moving our city forward in a positive direction, or step back to the painful days when our city was so poorly mismanaged that the state of New Jersey took fiscal control of Hoboken. Our city needs representatives on the City Council who care about the residents, not politics, who are energetic, passionate, hard working, and willing to work together toward the common good.
For these reasons, I am writing in support of council candidates Michael DeFusco in the 1st Ward, Tiffanie Fisher in the 2nd Ward, and Dana Wefer in the 4th Ward, as well as Councilman Peter Cunningham in the 5th Ward and Councilwoman Jennifer Giattino in the 6th Ward in the upcoming Nov. 3 election.
Michael, Tiffanie, and Dana are three residents who, by identifying the needs of their own neighborhoods and learning the ins and outs of government, have seen the urgent need for a change in their respective wards and decided to put themselves out there and get involved. I would be honored to have them serve alongside me on the City Council, and I hope you will learn about their campaigns, vote for them and spread the word to your friends and neighbors.
Councilman Cunningham and Councilwoman Giattino have been very instrumental in the recent successes we’ve seen in our city, whether it’s passing legislation to approve new flood pumps while other council colleagues stood in the way, or voting to acquire new parkland. They have always looked out for the best interests of Hoboken’s residents. They have been great representatives for our city and I hope you will go out on Nov. 3 and vote for their re-election.
No matter what, please exercise your right to vote on Nov. 3. Every vote counts in local elections, so please make your voices heard.

Ravinder S. Bhalla
Hoboken City Council President

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