Thank you, McCabe’s and Councilman Gullace

To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago, I was presented with a difficult situation. I was flying back from vacation with a very sick in-law. The situation was so complex that, honestly, I was at wit’s end on figuring out what to do.
I called Councilman Sal Gullace, and he really helped me out of a rough situation. McCabe’s Ambulance was waiting at the airport and transported my in-law to Bayonne Medical Center. Thank you to Councilman Gullace and the staff at McCabe’s Ambulance. I am happy to say that after a couple of days in Bayonne Medical Center, my in-law was in better spirits and talked more than she did the previous two weeks combined. Good deeds are never forgotten, and I am very thankful for the help.


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