QUESTION: In high school volleyball, if a served ball contacts the net and crosses over into opponent’s side, is the ball in play? Is this a “let serve?” Is this a re-serve?
ANSWER: Served ball remains in play provided that ball was entirely within net antennas. (Rule 9, Sec. 6, Art. 1). If serve contacts net and falls onto serving team’s side, this is dead ball. Service fault is called and loss of rally / point awarded opponent. (Rule 8-1-1 and Rule 8-2-6).
QUESTION: A player contacts the referee’s platform or grabs the stand in playing the ball. Is this legal?
ANSWER: Incidental contact is permitted. If the contact allowed a player to gain an advantage in making a play on the ball or dangerous contact was involved, this is illegal and net fault would be called. (Rule 9, Sec. 6, Art. 7, a-c).

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