Leadership that works for the 5th Ward

Dear Editor:
My name is Eduardo Gonzalez and I am a council candidate for Hoboken’s 5th Ward. I am married to my beautiful wife, Francoise Vielot of 13 years and we have three young children, 9 years old, 6 years old, and 15 months old. We are committed to Hoboken and want to see her thrive and flourish. I am choosing to run for office because of the lack of leadership and vision for our wonderful community. I bring a diversity of experiences and financial expertise that will get the job done.
I have served as a commissioner on Hoboken’s Housing Authority where we were able to raise our rental collection rate while lowering our vacancy rate. As Board President of Elysian Charter School I negotiated with the developer amicable terms for our brand new state of the art facility that is located in a LEED platinum building. I have worked on boards with budgets that have been constrained and where we were unable to tax our way out of problems. And what has been the outcome? Efficiencies have been increased without the need to sacrifice services. I believe most of our issues can be solved through compromise and cooperation not conflict and litigation. If you invest 5 minutes of your time on Tuesday November 3 and vote for me, Eduardo Gonzalez, you will see 4 years of positive leadership that works for you.

Thank you,
Eduardo Gonzalez

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