A park the public deserves

Dear Editor:
A recent letter written by the leader of a small group of very vocal critics of the township’s proposed diversion agreement with the state that will result in a much-needed new park in Downtown North Bergen calls the proposed park an “insult” to residents. But what is truly insulting is Robert Walden’s strange campaign to stop our neighborhood from finally getting the park it deserves.
Much has been written about the agreement’s positive effects on the North Bergen Pre-School program, which will be allowed to remain in its excellent and safe location, and the $10 million the township is expected to save. However, not enough attention has been given to what in my opinion is the most important part of this agreement – a new 1.5 acre public park on Paterson Plank Road that will become by far the largest open space in Downtown North Bergen.
This park will be a tremendous addition to our neighborhood, giving all of our residents from young to old a beautiful green space to enjoy. It will be just the latest in the many positive changes Mayor Nick Sacco and his team have made to the area, from improvements at existing parks to the opening of the Kennedy Branch of the North Bergen Library and much more. The park will be large and spacious and will include many wonderful amenities like a playground, passive sitting areas and more, providing a much-needed green oasis to the neighborhood.
I find it very dispiriting that Mr. Walden is so bitterly opposed to this agreement that he cannot see how much it will benefit the southern section of the township. Without easy access to the many larger parks that exist elsewhere in North Bergen, our area has always been underserved by open space. This new Downtown Park will finally give our children and our residents the public park they deserve. How could anyone be opposed to that?

Julio Marenco
Commissioner of Revenue and Finance, Downtown North Bergen Resident

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