We’ve all been duped again

To the Editor:

I guess John Sebik didn’t read Kathleen McNally’s very professional letter of 8/26 outlining the way this administration should have planned these many developments going on in Bayonne. She certainly did her homework. Instead, this administration is proceeding as planned in all of their developments in total disregard of local residents.
Ms. McNally stated, “Available information for each site should include any vital piece of information necessary for informed citizenry to make informed decisions.” Did that happen?
But in Mr. Sebik’s “humble opinion,” not everyone can be happy. He talks about seven stories vs. 10 stories. He says there’s no difference. What about the 22 stories? How about no stories?
I went to the council meetings. People whose homes were impacted pleaded for a no vote.
But to no avail. Sorry. The lemmings we voted into office didn’t care. It was a done deal.
I’ve seen these apartments being built in Bayonne. Out of place and ugly.
Mr. Sebik says we citizens did not make the right decision in voting for the other administrations. Really? What were our choices? And besides, who knew these guys we elected couldn’t balance a checkbook and were such bad planners. And we should have held their feet to the fire? We can’t even keep this local government’s feet to the fire.
We had trust in this government with the new mayor. Now no one trusts this administration.
We’ve all been duped again.
Nothing like blaming the victims for screwed-up local government, Mr. Sebik. And we certainly are the victims.
Mr. S. is seeing pie in the sky.
Moneyed yuppies falling in love with Bayonne? Really? Don’t be so sure.
Ferry to New York, conventions center, parks and upscale restaurants and stores? Towering hotels? And jobs in construction all over our town? For whom? Not for the people of Bayonne.
Mr. Sebik better hope that these wealthy apartment dwellers spend their money on all this upscale stuff that’s being planned because the true working class citizens of Bayonne won’t be able to afford it.
By the way, Mr. Sebik, where do you live and what do you do for a living?


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