Thank you Mayor Zimmer

Dear Editor:
I want to thank Mayor Zimmer for the highly professional job that she performs for our city. She works on our behalf with straightforward efficiency and integrity, and with a minimum of fuss, bother, hoopla, self-promotion and political nonsense. We are all very lucky – looking at the history of who and what preceded her tenure – to have a public servant who works so capably, effectively and honestly to promote the best interests of our town. Her devotion to making life better in Hoboken is exemplified by the tremendous work she has accomplished (with many others, especially other supporting Council members) in such matters as obtaining a gigantic federal grant for storm protection infrastructure work; rescuing the hospital; resisting some ferocious efforts to create a public housing boondoggle; beating back Governor Christie and the Port Authority in uptown redevelopment; resisting N.J. Transit’s dreams of building gigantic towers; getting needed public works projects under way on Observer Highway and the 11th Street water pump, and soon on Newark Street, Washington Street and Sinatra Drive; creating new parks; and capping our taxes.
The Mayor just gets the job done. She somehow remains focused on the real issues of moving the city forward without getting sidetracked by the non-stop swirl of politics in our small town. It is extremely impressive. So hats off to you, Mayor Zimmer!

Jeremy Morley

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