Thank you ladies

Dear Editor:
This past Monday, August 10th, I was on my usual walk along the river when I took a bad fall near the skate park when I tripped on a raised sidewalk slat. I would like to thank the three women who ran over to assist me, but did not get their names.
If any of you are reading this, thank you so much for assisting me, talking to me and calming me down it meant the world.
Thank God nothing was broke just a lot of cuts and bruises. I did suffer from blunt force trauma to my chest and left breast. Day three and I’m still in pain but it’s coming along.
Again thank you so much. I hope I see you all again in the near future. If you see me please stop me since I really don’t recall your faces, except one, who resembles a friend of mine.

Debra Morrissette

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