Best places to take your dog

Hudson County locales to run, romp, and sniff

Owning a dog, some may say, is similar to having a child. Except children are allowed to go everywhere their parents take them, for better or worse. Trying to find activities that are “dog friendly” can be somewhat challenging.

Long walks are both physically and mentally stimulating for dogs.
Below is a list of activities that are sure to bring a smile to Fido’s face this season. Sometimes they just need to get out of the house and burn off some energy. And that will make a happy dog and happy dog owner!

1. Best dog parks

Hudson County is home to over 15 dog parks that will help your dog’s socialization skills and allow them to really stretch their legs.
West New York’s relatively new Donnelly Memorial Park dog run offers obstacles for dogs to test their agility. It’s located a few blocks from the waterfront near the Port Imperial development and Memorial High School, near Boulevard East and 60th Street.
Places such as Washington Park in Union City and Lincoln Park in Jersey City offer large spaces for dogs to run around.
Weehawken has dog parks next to Charrito’s Restaurant on Boulevard East and near the light rail station at Lincoln Harbor.
Residents of Bayonne can enjoy Sirius Dog Run while Hoboken is known for its Church Square Park Dog Run and several others. Except for Guttenberg, each city in Hudson County has at least one dog park that can be utilized for positive training.

2. Animal charity events

The Liberty Humane Society hosts “Bark in the Park” each year – a tail-raising gathering, usually in a park in Hoboken. It raises money for their animal shelter in Jersey City and is the organization’s biggest fundraiser. Last year’s event was held in October.
Coming up, the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation is holding a “Walk, Run & Wag 5k and Ice Cream Social” on May 3 in Liberty State Park. This is a great opportunity to support a good cause and get some exercise as well.
This annual fundraiser helps raise awareness for animals with cancer. Hundreds of pet owners will be on site with their best friends and their wagging tails. For those who would like to join, visit this website and sign up at

3. Hiking – Mill Creek Marsh (Secaucus)

Sometimes it helps to get away from the hustle and bustle of this urban oasis and go for a hike. Wait…there is hiking available right here in Hudson County?! There sure is. Mill Creek Marsh is a great escape that is located right in Secaucus. This 209 acre swamp land is filled with exotic birds, turtles, and remnants of early 1900s existence. There are 1.5 miles of flat walkable land covered by gravel and luscious plant life. Bridges connect the path over large pools of water. One unique aspect to this site is the fantastic views of the New York City skyline in the distance. A small reminder that you’re still in Hudson County – the marsh is located next to the Harmon Meadow shopping plaza and has easy parking next to the Bob’s Discount Furniture store.
However, if your dog likes the water, you may have to keep him from jumping into the marsh.
Obedient dogs who love being outdoors will be in their glory running around. The smells and wildlife activity will be enough to keep them occupied during the entire trip. Strict leash laws are enforced but a long lead will provide plenty of room for your pooch to roam.

4. Certain cafés and restaurants

Of course, there are always those times when human activities are just more fun than dog activities. Hudson County has many cafés and restaurants that actually allow the puppy to tag along, with limits, of course.
Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City allows leashed dogs under 20 pounds into their backyard beer garden area. Enjoying German fare with friends is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. For those in need of a caffeine “pick me up,” Empire Coffee & Tea in Hoboken allows dogs on their front patio area.
Some bars, such as Hoboken’s Northern Soul, actually allow for dogs to come inside and escape the heat. Even dogs enjoy a beer and good music from time to time, right? Daytime is probably best considering the night crowd can be a bit overbearing.
Hoboken is such a dog friendly town they even have a dog-only ice cream truck! Frosty Pooch is a mobile service truck that serves cold desserts to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Whatever the choice, be sure to follow safety guidelines when out on the town. Dogs should be leashed and provided with water and food when needed.

5. Scenic strolls

One thing Hudson County has is breathtaking views and waterfront real estate. Long educational walks are both physically and mentally stimulating for dogs. James J Braddock North Hudson County Park in North Bergen is a large area of greenery and activity for the pup to enjoy. Whether it’s a stroll around the lake or a run around the open fields, it’s sure to please. Weehawken also has a great area for walking the dog. The water front park offers views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. Walking along the waterfront will lead to quaint shops in West New York offering food, ice cream, and even a Starbucks. Ask the barista for a “puppuccino” and surprise your furry friend with a free cup of whipped cream!

Bonus: Other businesses
Hudson County has many places such as Home Depot and TD Bank that will allow a leashed dog to accompany their owner. TD Bank even offers Milk-Bones. Shake off the winter blues and get outside with a furry friend!

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