Chamber President supports project

To the Editor:

As President of the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce and a lifelong uptown resident, I am writing this letter in full support of the proposed 10-story building planned for Broadway and 46th Street. Bayonne is long overdue in joining the rest of our neighboring communities in attracting “market rate” professionals to our great city.
The biggest argument I have heard from the people who are against the project is that the proposed structure is too tall and not meant for 46th Street and Broadway. Yet, Broadway is lined with many vacant storefronts and empty lots, an obvious testament to what does not work for our city.
Locating this project on Broadway and 46th Street is ideal due to its proximity to the light rail, the uptown business district, Hudson County Park, and close highway access. The height of a taller building would showcase Bayonne’s spectacular views, especially the city skyline and surrounding water areas. This is the driving force behind the desire to build up. There is potential to attract residents willing to pay more money and consequently spend their money in town.
Opposing voices will have you believe that the developer only stands to get rich with building taller, but this is completely short sighted. The developer is taking a risk and should be applauded for having the faith in our great city. Let’s not forget the main focus and big picture,
Bayonne needs to attract the kind of people we want to call great neighbors. Many of the establishments in town will benefit from what the developer is striving for – people buying into the local economy. It’s simple economics and something that everyone on the James Davis ticket ran in favor of, the promise of revitalizing the economy of our city.
Most of our citizens, the silent majority with regard to this debate, voted in the last election because they wanted change. They are tired of asking, “If other cities can do it and thrive, then why can’t we?” The answer is very simple, everything is market driven. The business and services many are seeking will not take the risk of opening in Bayonne until developers take the risk. Developers will take the risk only when they know they can work with a city administration that has a better vision for the city they lead. The project is just another example of telling everyone that Bayonne, and especially Broadway, is indeed “Open for Business.”
The Bayonne Chamber has been supporting local business for more than 100 years, and I am very proud to be a part of this fine organization. I am also extremely proud to have a family business here in Bayonne as well as a home, and have no intention of taking my family elsewhere. I am grateful to have the support of the majority of the Chamber Board Trustees who share my views regarding the 46th Street project. I also respect the opinions of those who don’t see things the same way.
Collectively, I do believe that everyone shares the same opinion that Bayonne economically is at a crossroad. One path leads to new heights of progress and rebirth and the other to empty lots and vacant buildings. We currently have within our grasp an opportunity to not only change the landscape, but the economic future of our city for generations to come. Now is the time to embrace the progress that is all around us and come to the realization that Bayonne can and should be the gateway to the metropolitan area.


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