Bowing out

To the Editor:

As many of you know, I had decided to run for a two-year term for the Bayonne Board of Education. My main objective was to give you, the people a choice, to give the people of Bayonne a choice toward an accountable and accessible option in this race. Early last week an objection was filed against five candidates. While I am pleased to say four objections were dismissed, I had to attend a deposition early Wednesday. The remedy was to acquire 13 notarized letters from each of the people who signed my petition. It is with deep regret that the goal seemed unachievable. In the past I have taken great pride in everything I do. For the goal at hand to be achieved it would have meant that I would have to place my nonprofit organization’s Bayonne Got Talent fundraising event on the back burner. For me, charity organizations have always played a huge part in who I am. This was never an option. In addition, I would have had to call out of work for two days leaving my employer in a very tough spot. With this in mind, I am withdrawing my candidacy for the Bayonne Board of Education, this time around. The issues are still very real and my commitment to the community is unwavering.
Over the next decade the issues will be tough ones as the winners must address things like the PARCC exam, balancing administrative resources versus resources in the classroom, representation for the special-needs community, school overcrowding, and the state of our schools. The job at hand is a tough road, but can be done. The candidates in the two-year bracket that exemplify the skill set needed to accomplish these goals and be accountable to the people are Christopher Munoz and Gina Garofalo-Irizarry. ‪
I would like to also appeal to all the candidates to reach out to Elisha Hannafey-DeMaria. the unofficial voice for the special-needs community. Let us ensure that even the voices sometimes unheard are heard, loud and clear.
Thank you Bayonne and please get out and vote November 3!


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