Taxes too high

To the Editor:
I only moved to Bayonne a month ago, but it amazes me that the tax increase went through so easily with zero public comment. It’s also a real drawback on any ability to revitalize the city. We have a low sales tax rate of 3.5 percent, which from my understanding is to revitalize the city by helping businesses, as an incentive to spend within the community. However, with a 3 percent property tax increase, it wipes out any benefit of the sales tax reduction. I would guess many residents will be more frugal – by cutting out one or two dinners out at a local restaurant per month, or by refraining from spending extra money at stores along Broadway. If this is the case, that money will add up quickly in losses for local businesses. As always, government raises taxes, but does not consider the repercussions on the local economy. I also wonder where all these tax dollars go. Obviously it’s not used to repair potholes in the city. Where does the money actually go? I think the public should ask that question.

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